A walk-through our service panel:

 Material Procurement and Processing:

The primary rung in our service ladder, this facilitation determines the pinnacles of efficiency and eminence, our business scales. With experienced inputs and valuable expertise, immense brain-storming and hustle goes into the procurement and processing agenda, backed by staunch adherence to legal compliances and ethical benchmarks, so our products and services are atop the premier pedestals of the industry standards.

 Sales and Trading:

This brings into perspective, the on-the-counter commerce of our business, where we engage in the sale transactions of gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins, to our expansive clientele, pan-India and across the globe. As an attempt to widen our presales purview, we also extend the amenities of:
a. Hall-marking to integrate quality standards compliance and adherence
b. Minting to incorporate the engraving of product particulars on the gold and silver, augmenting their value.

 Assaying:

The technicality of testing and analysis, this is an important and indispensable facet of our entire process framework, from procurement to product sale.