Partnering with Pioneers:

Mahraja Bullion is the brain-child of the earnest, efficient efforts of a premier partner-ship dynamic. The golden trio that chose to make Mahraja Bullion a shining sliver of our colossal, competitive industry is:

Mr. Prakash, the foundation radiant of Suman Jewellery, having in his repertoire of pride, six decades of experience in the jewellery industry. Transcending from the ancestral realms of jewellery manufacturing, into the retailing forum, he, along with his prodigies, Mr. Kamesh and Mr. Kousik are rendering their expertise in administering the governance of our Retail Division.

Mr. Ravi Shankar, the torch-bearer of a resplendent legacy of a family of jewellers, who have harnessed their knowledge and skill into making Sri Padmaraj Jewellers, a renowned name since 1928. Having associated himself with the family business since 1990, Mr. Ravi Shankar is proficient in the trade, heading a company that specializes in manufacturing casting and handmade jewellery with pan-India supply and jewellery exports. With the reins staunchly manoeuvred by him, along with his sons, Mr. R. Suhas and Mr. R. Suraj Govind, the business vehicle is consistently moving in the paths of glory.

Mrs. Yuvasri, is the dynamic representative, of a family whose eminence in the industry is in illuminance since 1870. Through her spirited efforts, and constant thirst to add further laurels to her family’s renown, Mrs. Yuvasri extends zestful inputs to our business decisions and her powerful potential, eclectic knowledge about the mining processes, her vast exposure through extensive travelling and efficient networking prowess has proved to be prime boons.